Our trajectory began in 2009, acting in the air, land and door to door cargo market.


DF TRANSPORTES is a company founded in 2009 by Deivisson Fabiano Silva de Matos, to provide the highest standards in TRANSPORT AND CARGO LOGISTICS services. A dynamic, effective and safe company, we have a modern fleet, always aiming for the best service and speed.


The constant investments in the improvement of employees, fleet renewal, operating systems, means of communication and acquisition of new technical resources make DF TRANSPORTES a modern company fully qualified to offer better quality transport and logistics services.

We are a Logistics Cargo Carrier, specialized in national and international transport, offering customers a wide range of personalized services, from storage, to transportation management, home deliveries, payroll inventory and any value-added service throughout the supply chain.

We combine specialization in the health sector, with the highest standards in cargo transportation services across our network, helping the customer to consolidate itself more quickly, efficiently, effectively and safely, in their traditional services. Each service is planned and coordinated according to the needs of each client.


Our business approach starts with listening to the customer and then proceeding with a personalized, intelligent, reliable service and with economical solutions that make DF TRANSPORTES a reliable and important partner.



To be the best solution in express logistics, developing alliances with the market and strengthening the relationship with customers. To offer services through an integrated and efficient logistics.


To be a reference in the logistics segment and provide the team and partners with sustainable resources to provide solutions.


Quality, delivery time and reliability are essential aspects for DF TRANSPORTES. The constant search for excellence in our services, both in customer service and in investment in technology, make DF TRANSPORTES the company with the greatest growth in cargo transportation leadership. We are an ethical and reliable company, we value our human potential and its integrity, our management is entrepreneurial and participative and we conduct our business with effectiveness and commitment.


Ethics and Commitment

Understanding that nobody is successful alone is a big step for the thiving of any company.


To Value People

Recognition and appreciation for the qualification and competence of the employee are essential in the process of motivation and growth of a team.


Economic Sustainability

We are an evironment friendly logistics company! We use recyclable packaging and supplies, in addition to having our attention focused on reducing waste.

Main Directions

Global Presence

Customer loyalty

DF TRANSPORTES offers its customers a wide national and international coverage in logistics transport, managed by talented and specialized teams.

DF TRANSPORTES offers its customers a wide national and international coverage in logistics transport, managed by talented and specialized teams.

DF TRANSPORTES focuses on an ADDITIONAL HIGH VALUE MARKET, which requires strong compliance with regulations and personalized services.

Beyond Logistics

In addition to its logistics transport business division, DF TRANSPORTES offers a variety of INNOVATIVE & PERSONALIZED SERVICES, this includes collections (pre-booked) on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or outside business hours, hospital logistics management, consultancy on transportation of samples of biological material, control and monitoring of temperature during transport/storage; availability of assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (including holidays).